Major Milestone

APR 1987 Company established, with capital investment USD 120, employees 10 personels. Major business operations manufacfturing windshield washer pump, motor and washer nozzle for domestic market.
MAY 1989 Started to manufacture wiper motor.
AUG 1991 Capital increased to USD150,000. and started to manufacture wiper link. In the same year, I-Yuan moved to No.6, Sec. 2, Li-sing Rd., San-Chong City, Taipei County.
OCT 1992 Started to manufacture fan motor.
MAR 1993 Started to manufacture cooling fan assembly.
MAR 1994 Supplied cooling fan assembly to local OEM (DAIHATSU.PEUGEOT)
JUN 1996 Started export business. In the same year, I-Yuan moved to No.25, Jhong-sing S. St., San-Chong City, Taipei County.
JUL 1999 YC Brother Industrial Co., Ltd cooperated with I-Yuan and developed cooling fan assembly and A/C cooling fan for supplying North-America market.
AUG 2003 Joint-venture with TYC. In the meantime, I-Yuan also increased the capital to USD 3,000,000